Cape Town Snorkeling Trips

Cape Town Snorkeling - Snorkeling company offering guided snorkeling trips in False Bay and Camps Bay in Cape Town and it is a fun thing to do for the whole family.

A world filled with color and bustling with life awaits you as we venture into the majestic waters of the Atlantic Ocean around the Cape Peninsula! Snorkeling allows you relaxed access to this mysterious realm beneath the water’s surface, teeming with plant and animal life.” It’s a big ocean out there “ and although we cannot guarantee these specific sightings, it is very common to see seals, octopuses, crayfish, colorful sea anemones and a vast array of fish. Given enough advance notice, we can help you to obtain the necessary permits to forage delicious seafood while we are exploring the spectacular world beneath the water.

No need to worry about complicated equipment or hours upon hours of training either - with the help of our registered guides you will be supplied with a wetsuit, mask, and snorkel and given an introduction to this magnificent activity in under an hour! During this time we make sure that everything fits and is working well and get you comfortable with entering the water and breathing through your snorkel.  All of our equipment is thoroughly sanitized and checked -  we adhere to strict covid-19 protocols, in doing so we keep you and our staff safe! The whole family can join in the fun as people from the age of 10 to 110 are able to enjoy this pastime - you only need to be able to swim and be moderately fit in order to enjoy hours in a different world with us. This is also a fantastic way of building camaraderie with a new team, meeting people with similar interests, or simply spoiling yourself with some “me time”!

There are many health benefits to this sport as well - snorkeling increases your maximal oxygen uptake, in other words, you are effectively doing breathing exercises while relaxing. Being buoyant eases pressure on your joints and allows you to improve your general fitness, without the wear and tear associated with so many other fitness regimes…not to mention the mental health benefits of being disconnected from our frenetic world and simply relaxing in the splendor that mother nature has on display!

As with any outdoor activity, our excursions are also weather dependent, however, as we are not bound to one specific location, we have the freedom of finding the best site for the day - thereby increasing our chances of being able to deliver an unforgettable experience to you. If the weather however simply does not play along, we will always put your safety first and offer you a postponement or a refund.

We also offer you the opportunity to capture these magical moments on film - a waterproof action video camera is available to rent at R250…you can bring your own SD card or buy one from us. You will need your usual swimming gear, a dry towel, waterproof sunscreen, bottled water, and some snacks as being this busy can build up quite an appetite!

We cannot wait to welcome you to one of our excursions!