Cape Town Freediving - Snorkeling
Cape Town Freediving in Muizenberg offers free diving courses and snorkeling
Cape Town Freediving - snorkeling trips

Cape Town Freediving offers snorkeling trips in False Bay, South Africa.

There’s a whole magical world around Cape Town that’s hidden from view. Snorkeling with Cape Town Freediving will show you a garden of sublime beauty inhabited by a rich variety of marine flora and fauna where you’ll have an underwater adventure hard to even imagine. The relatively pristine Cape coastal waters, their easy shore entry, golden kelp forests and exciting range of marine wildlife are the ideal snorkeling playground. Schools of fish, penguins, seals and octopus are just some of the creatures you might interact with.

The experience starts at our free diving centre in Muizenberg where you’ll be warmly welcomed and briefed and where the site chosen for the day’s snorkeling, weather and tide dependant, will be revealed. Our certified ocean- loving instructors will guide you on a snorkelling adventure that will leave you mesmerised. Their in-depth knowledge of this coastal region will make your time in the sea even more special. Everything needed for a safe and comfortable snorkeling experience is provided including a high-quality wetsuit. A safety buoy, that can be held on to and where gear can be stored, is always used.