Cape Radd offers snorkeling and scuba diving in Simon’s Town, Cape Town.

Snorkel for Science
Every day people can play a part in marine conservation through joining the Cape RADD snorkel experience with a difference! Join our marine biologists on a guided snorkel and search for the elusive shy sharks collecting data on the local species of False Bay and much more.

Learn about the fascinating relationships between the organisms, how we track animals, and photograph the sharks’ patterns and use them to identify individual sharks so that we can estimate how many sharks there are and track their movements! ultimately, to better understand the ecosystem and protect the oceans. False Bay is a well-known hot spot for marine diversity and one of the
most varied and diverse areas in the world for marine life and plays host to an abundance of species large and small, from colourful nudibranchs, octopus and sea urchins to humpback whales, dolphins, and the playful Cape Fur seals, as well as the magical Great African Sea Forests. Our experienced guides will help you see all the wonderful things there are to see which otherwise you might have missed.

This experience combines a fun wildlife experience with education whilst directly contributing towards marine conservation through citizen science led data collection with our trained marine biologist guides. Suitable for the whole family (minimum age 12yrs old).

Cape RADD is situated in Simon’s Town, nestled in an area of spectacular beauty that features stunning beaches, incredible marine life, and a mountainous backdrop – just 40 km from Cape Town’s city centre. All snorkel equipment is supplied and is designed specifically for this region to keep you warm in the water (5mm wetsuit with hood).

Experience level – Beginner/ shore based. SCUBA Dive options available also