Cape Escape Table Mountain Hiking

Cape Escape Table Mountain Hiking offers guided hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

There are 2 options:
Via India Venter
The name is from the shape of the ravine which is between the two large rock buttresses. The trail start behind the lower cable way station heading right up Table Mountain to the contour path. From this point the hike gradually ascents a gully of a buttress known as the’ Venster buttress’ (venster means ‘window’).  As you approach the amphitheatre the trail become steeper with easy scrambling. The more exiting is still to come be focus! staples and chains have been engineered along the way that renders the climbing safer. Past this section of climbing and scrambling the trail wanders easily up to “The Ledge” and around the corner. There is often a cooling breeze and a good place to enjoy the view overlooking Camps Bay and the Atlantic ocean. Now heading away from the sea continue SSE as one rounds the next corner into a shady ravine cold and windy at time. The top of Table Mountain is 10mn away from here, well done!

Via Kloof Corner Ridge
Doing this hike via Kloof Corner Ridge should not be attempted if you have a fear of heights. It offers steep, rock - scrambling sections and 3 sets of chains approx. 7-10 meters in height.

The path follows an exciting line up a classic ridge with spectacular views of Lion’s Head, Cape Town, Camps Bay and the twelve Apostles. It begins gradually with long zigzags until you reach the Contour Path. We keep left along the path until we reach a chain hanging down a rock step. Here is the first 6-7 meters pitch up to gain the ledge. From here follow a number of cairns into a gully and along the ledge to a long chimney-crack where the second chain is hanging down along a narrow crevice, it requires some upper body strength.

A short time after this climb we reach a square buttress. Step up to the ledge, continue to the corner and then you reach the 11 inch chimney and the third and final chain. Here the crack splits the rock mass and runs through the ridge. Getting through the passage involved standing on rocks that were wedged into the crack and propel ourselves up and out the chimney. From here we meet the main path going up Table Mountain plateau.