Canyon Adventures - Cliff Jumping in Wilderness.

Canyon Adventures specializes in outdoor fun in remote and difficult to access areas so that everyone feels they are on a journey of discovery. Cliff jumping is part of our canyoning trips which take place in the deep and rocky river gorges near Wilderness. These places are watery paradises; with towering sedimentary rock cliffs, tumbling waterfalls, ferns and forest.

Depending on what you are comfortable with you will have the opportunity to leap off cliffs from 1- meter to 13- meters high. Our qualified guides will show you exactly how to jump to avoid injury. We provide all canyoning gear including wetsuits which mitigate the potential sting felt from a high jump.

The thrill of leaping off a cliff into the inky black water below is amazing. Not many people manage to do it without a triumphant whoop afterwards. Come and join Canyon Adventure with your family or friends for a holiday highlight.