Garden Route Blokart offers blokart sailing in Knysna, Garden Route.

Blokarts are small, three-wheeled karts, propelled by a sail over land.

They are fast, fun and fantastically easy to sail.

The Blokart is the innovation of New Zealandi inventor, Paul Beckett, and over twelve thousand Blokarts have been sold in twenty-eight countries since it was launched on the international market in June 2000. The Blokart was created for the great outdoors and the whole family — allowing young or old, physically strong or challenged, recreationally- or competitively-minded, to get out and harness the wind for the sheer thrill of it. Equally at home on the beach, at your local park or netball courts, the Blokart can reach speeds in excess of 100 kph.

With only two controls (sail and direction), most people learn to sail a Blokart within a few minutes. Different sail sizes allow operators to match weight and experience to wind strength, ensuring a great experience in a variety of conditions. Blokarts are steered by hand in the same manner as a bicycle. The thrill of racing along the beach and sliding through a turn, powered only by the wind, needs to be experienced to be understood.

A rental operation is based on Buffelsbaai beach, Knysna, whenever suitable conditions occur (low tide and at least a 10-knot east wind). The necessary safety gear is provided and Blokarts are equipped with seatbelts and leg restraints. You need to bring suitable clothing and the will to try something new and exciting.

In the right conditions, children as young as 8 years old can learn to sail a Blokart — and there is no maximum age. The rental period is half-an-hour, and tuition is included in the rental fee.