Attitude 4 Altitude - Paragliding Academy

Attitude-4-Altitude has the answer to one of our deepest desires – learning to fly!

You can experience the magic of free flight under an African sky with a tandem paraglider (or hang glider). This is a highly addictive activity so before you know it, you will have signed up for a lifelong love affair with the skies. 

Leonardo da Vinci was probably the first person who tried to find a practical solution to flight. By studying flight patterns and structures of birds he designed a multitude of mechanical devices. One of these was a wing-flapping, human powered flying machine made by a pine frame covered in raw silk.

We’ve come a long, but paragliding/hang gliding is probably as close as you will ever get to feeling like a bird. Today, adventure seekers dreaming of soaring the skies can make this dream come true with a course at Attitude-4-Altitude Flying Academy.

Based in Gauteng, Attitude-4-Altitude is proud to be one of the few mountain launch schools left in the province.

Flying in mountains require commitment, and Attitude-4-Altitudes success centres on lessons that follow a steady, gradual learning curve.  Our very experienced instructors guide you safely though your course in paragliding or hang gliding. Practical flying days are always closely followed by classroom-theory lectures. All equipment is certified, flight-training equipment and is regularly tested and checked by us.

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