Aquatrails - Breede River

Aquatrials - Breede River Rafting near Cape Town.

The source of the Breede River is high up in the mountains above Ceres and has craved its way through the Breede River Valley. After meandering for 300 kilometers it meets up with the Indian Ocean at the small coastal town of Witsand in the Western Cape.

The river provides water for many fruit and wine producing farms along its banks and is the home for many animals; it boasts amazing bird spotting and fishing opportunities.
Our adventure - navigating the river in two-person inflatable rafts- starts near Worcester, the biggest town in the valley and only 130 kilometers from Cape Town. The section of river that we navigate winds its way through the wine lands below the Langeberg Mountains.

You can expect to paddle through a picturesque landscape where the fast flowing channels interchange with long dark pools and willowed banks. The rapids and riffles are exciting and will make you buzz, whereas the pools are mellow and will make you relax.

It is our experience that this adventure is suitable for young and old, from 6 to 96 year olds. It is for able-swimmers and not-so-able-swimmers, for the ‘athletic’ and ‘not-so-athletic’. Mother Nature makes this adventure special for everyone.

Our day starts when you meet your guide(s) at the venue where you park your vehicle safely for the day. This is where we prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Bring river-proof footwear, clothes for on and in the river, a hat, sunglasses and sun-block and personal beverages & snacks for on the river. After fitting the mandatory life-jackets, your group will be transported by road to the put-in point, 12 kilometers upstream, where our rafts will be waiting to get wet.

After the safety briefing on the river bank it is time to start. At one of our stops a delicious (and famous) Aquatrails lunch will be prepared by your guiding crew.

After our relaxing and scrumptious lunch we continue with our exceptional day of paddling down the river, drifting, swimming and taking in the scenery. Unfortunately we will end up at the take-out point –sooner or later-, where your car is safely parked. Sadly this will also be the time and place for you to say farewell to your guide(s) and fellow paddlers before you head home.