Apex Shark Expeditions - Shark Cage Diving operator in False Bay, South Africa.

Apex Shark Expeditions offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity for an encounter with Carcharodon carcharias, the Great white shark, an apex predator of the sea that has patrolled our oceans since the beginnings of time. These trips are generally offered throughout the year however Great white shark sightings have been well below normal in the past few years with sightings of these rare animals becoming unpredictable and sporadic. On days when Great white sharks are not seen another species of shark, the Copper shark has suddenly become a frequently encountered species in this area. These beautiful Copper shark (Bronze Whalers) can attain a length of over 3m and are highly active around the boat and cage.

A shark cage diving adventure in Gansbaai is hosted by a marine biologist and experienced guides ensuring not only a thrilling shark encounter but also an educational insight into the mysteries surrounding these powerful predators.

Shark Cage Diving requires no diving experience. Divers enter a securely designed steel case and floating on the surface, you simply hold your breath – and prepare to be amazed!

The trip includes light breakfast / brunch, a shark presentation, dive gear, light meal on board, snacks & refreshments.