All Out Advenures - King Swing in the Drakensberg is a must-do for jump enthusiasts.

Situated in the Drakensberg, All Out Adventure’s King Swing, the activity that elicits the most screams of all the activities on offer at the Adventure Centre.

Your adventure on this activity begins with a climb up a 21-metre high, spiral staircase. The staircase takes you onto a treetop suspension bridge. Adventure guides then connect your harness to three ropes before counting down “Three, two, one… JUMP”. Try to keep your eyes open to see the ground rush at you while you freefall for 17 metres. The ropes will catch you metres from the ground to send you swinging pendulum-like across the gorge. It’s exhilarating!

Wear short or long pants. Participants are limited to weighing less than 120kg.