Adventure Zone Voortrekker Monument - Archery

Where can I do archery activities in Pretoria? Adventure Zone Voortrekker Monument is situated in Pretoria and offers archery activities.

Archery is the sport, activity or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows, just like Robin Hood. The word domes from the Latin arcus, meaning bow.  Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat, in modern times it is mainly a competitive sprot and recreational activity. 

Adventure Zone offers you the opportunity to learn this fun skill while having an incredible time with your family and friends.  Not just is this so much fun it is also a very good teambuilding activity, as it test skills, concentration, tenacity and team spirit. 

Many of our adventure junkies actually enquiry where to buy the equipment after their session at Adventure Zone as it was so enjoyable and exiting they want to take it up as a sport themselves. 

This activity is for everyone, young and old, but please remember to always treat the recurve bow as a weapon.  Safety is our number one priority, therefor our skilled, trained and experienced guides will assist you with our Archery activity. 

Taking a photo or selfie with a bow and arrow in your hand will make for insane bragging rights with your friends on social media, we can’t wait to facilitate you and your group, get in touch now for your booking, or visit our website or more information.