Adventure Zone - Escape the Ordinary and Embark on Unforgettable Team Building Journeys with Adventure Zone Cullinan. A company in Cullinan, Gauteng.

Adventure Zone has been in business for 15 years, we have serviced the adventure tourism industry with various exciting projects, activities and partnerships during this time. Our partnership with Cape Nature is something we truly value and we’re very proud of, we opened a site at Plettenberg Bay in December 2022.

Adventure Zone specializes in team building, school group activities and tourist excursions, we’ve facilitated numerous corporative companies, MTN, VODACOM, BMW, Leroy Merlin, Samancor, Petra Diamon Mine, Department of Education, TUKS, and many more.

We can either host your group at one of our sites for an exciting day out, or we can come to you at the location of your choice (Gauteng only). Adventure Zone knows the importance of team building, it builds trust within and this is an essential element of each effective team.

Our activities foster better communication between members in the groups, it encourage and promote teams to connect on different levels to collaborate and embrace diversity among working teams, it also attracts new talents within the groups.  Our motto is for groups to realize that dividing the team work and the tasks ahead will multiply the success and positive outcome.
Adventure Zone has set team building packages you can choose from, but which we can also adjust to suit your company’s personal requirements.

We have many activities which we facilitate off site, such as; Archery Tag, Djembe drumming, Target Archery and mind games.  We cater for your specific needs and requirements.

Our Amazing Race is our most popular team building activity, each one of our site’s races have been developed and put together in collaboration with business psychologists to get each team to fully understand the dynamic of the team members, form better working relationships and reduce diversity that might be in the way of the teams productivity.

Amazing Race
You have all seen the TV programme Amazing Race, contestants have to race in teams of 2 against each other, visiting different countries, complete a variety of tasks, solve clues and puzzles and even take part in adventurous activities.

Well Adventure Zone has created its unique and exciting Amazing race based on the programmes model.  The theme and setting are off coarse Cullinan. Your team will be divided into smaller groups, depending on the group’s size, where after you’ll have to compete against each other to complete the riddle.

You will explore the town, visit several historical sites, solve clues, take part in activities and even have a beer tasting on your way to win and complete the race.

Activities like archery, air rifle shooting, bushmen fire making, mind puzzles, beer tasting, gem identification and many more are included.

Adventure Zone is absolutely the masters in creating this unique and one of its kind races in Cullinan.  Your team will love it and will get to have fun as well. We can add activities to the race, we can even add build your own pizza should you want to include a lunch with the race.

Have your conference before of after the race to get the most out of your team building this year.  Adventure Zone is your one stop shop for your team building needs.

Adventure activity combos
10 – 200 guests
For most of us organizing a team build event for a big group or company is a very daunting task, luckily for you this does not have to be the truth for you, Adventure Zone has 15 year experience in compiling the best team building events for numerous customers like, Vodacom, BMW, Leroy Merlin, ABSA, Tuks and many more.

We have a variety of activities for you to choose form, to suit the demographics of your group. Ranging from dare devil activities to enjoyable group fun like our popular djembe drumming.

Activities you can add to your itinerary, Quad Safari, Quad Trail, Zipline, Hike, Drumming, Archery, and Archery Tag, Game drive, Fire making or Amazing race.

If you don’t want to give your big group to much options, because this will only create so much more logistics for you, we have popular set packages like; Zipline, Archery & Lunch or Zipline, Quad bike and lunch.  You can let us know how we can add to your day to make this the perfect team build for your unique group.

We have different lunch options, plus we can arrange for your special drink requirements at our kiosk at Muningi Gorge.  Book our entire venue to have this stunning piece of nature to yourself for the entire day, this option is only available to big groups of 30+ guests.

Mobile – Target Archery, Archery Tag, Djembe drumming & Bushmen fire making.
10 – 200 guests
We’re already on our way to you, sit back and let us do all the work for you.  Keep your team in their safe space, we come to your office or premises of choice.  Not only do we come to your office but you can also book us for your next conference at the venue of your choice, we incorporate our magnificent Archery products into your conference.

We have several trained and qualified guides who will ensure the safety and enjoyment of your team at all times.  We teach teams how to shoot with a recurve bow similar to the bows used at the Olympic games, we create a fun yet competitive game in which teams compete to be crowned the ultimate winners of the day.

Combine this with our archery tag activity where you actually get to shoot your boss, how cool is that.  Teams use our specialized equipment, designed for this purpose and shoot each other, as you can imagine tears of laughter is often spilt while participating in this fun activity.

We also add our famous djembe drumming to this equation and you will remember the event for years to come.  What a perfect combination something to suit everyone in the group’s expectations and abilities.
We’re already on our way, let us know where to meet you.

Mobile – Amazing Race
10 – 100 guests
Save yourself the effort to look for the perfect venue, the perfect activity the perfect place that will meet the expectations of your group.  Stay where you are comfortable and happy.  Adventure Zone brings our Amazing race to you, you let us know where and we’ll create all the magic you need at the premises of your choice.

Our Amazing race is not just a bunch of activities thrown in to keep your team busy for a while, no this is so much more, we’ve worked with a business phycologist to create this activity, keeping in mind the different people in a team setup, the demographics, different cultures, different religions and so much more.  You can be assured that this will be the best “at home” team building event your team has ever experienced.

The race is based and designed on the idea of the popular TV series, where teams must compete against each other to win at the end, they must part take in several different activities, solve clues and puzzles, navigate their way to the next but ultimately work together as a team to reach their goal of winning the race.

Our trained and qualified guides will ensure your team is well looked after and have fun while competing in a fun way.
We cannot wait to meet you and your team in the luxury of your own office space.
Let us come to you.