Adventure Zone Cullinan - Bungee Jumping

Adventure Zone Cullinan - Bungee and BASE Jumping near Pretoria in Gauteng.


Adventure Zone Cullinan works hard to offer extreme activities with that extra edge after all we have to live up to our name which is connected to the largest rough diamond ever found.

Our adventure centre is located just outside the town of Cullinan in the beautiful rocky Muningi Gorge a perfect playground for our activities.

Our suite of wild and wonderful adventures wouldn’t be complete without that leaping, free-falling, bouncing-back pursuit called the bungee jump and because of that, we are soon going to included bungee jumping in our offerings. For experienced daredevils who have base jumping credits to their name, we will also be offerering a base-jumping site.

For most of us mere mortals, Adventure Zone Cullinan’s 50-meter bungee jump will provide quite enough adrenalin for the day and will be the cherry on the top of hours of excitement and novelty.