Adventure Works - Team Building
Adventure Works - Team building operator in Cape Town, South Africa
Adventure works offer team building, corporate and company events in Cape Town and surrounding areas
Adventure Works - team building and corporate functions in Cape Town
Adventure Works offers corporate events, year end functions and team building in Cape Town

Adventure Works is a Team building company in Cape Town, South Africa.

For 21 years we’ve worked hard to bring adventure and our unique brand of creativity to corporate and group activities. Adventure works’ core principle of connecting, communicating, and learning through laughter informs all our activity templates, and our track record- thousands of happy customers- proves that these have worked.

Our work starts long before the adventure. The first step to creating a meaningful and productive team-building experience is to engage with our clients in thoughtful and efficient dialogue so that we can have a full and accurate understanding of their vision and devise an experience that will best provide the expected outcomes.

Every team-building objective will find a home within our exciting range of experiences. We offer very structured outcome focussed sessions as well as looser, slightly whacky style options. High energy or chill. Our activities are carefully curated with exceptional attention to detail. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, strategic team builds, year-end functions, as well as innovative COVID friendly virtual team events, are just some of the things we love to do.

We’re just as comfortable creating a city-based urban adventure for 1500 people as we are taking a small team out into the pristine wilderness.  We are privileged to have the most beautiful locations, both urban and natural, to play in. Over the years Adventure Works has discovered a wealth of stunning destinations and secret places where our programs run and with the assistance of a variety of skilled adventure guides, we can make anything happen.