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I have been riding in The Karkloof for 10+ years and I have awarded it the nickname of BHC – Biker Heaven Central!

Joking aside, the setting, riding and views are in a class of their own and you would be forgiven for thinking you were riding in The Yukon, Canada. BHC is only ‘ridable’ in the winter months, because in Spring and Summer it is simply unplayable, due to mud and numerous zones which just never dry out.

Albert Falls, up into the Karkloof, with Mt Gilboa and the Karkloof Conservancy being the highest elevations. At the lake pictured here we had the privilege of ‘ticking off’ a a fish eagle and surprisingly an African harrier hawk (Gymnogene), with these being species which we would not easily/ever see at home. 

The pine plantation here is clearly for saw timber, as the trees are huge and old, with the unused haulage roads, left alone now for some 20+ years. It could be likened to the legendary Mirkwood Forest in The Hobbit novels, dark and eerie and the bed of needles is thick and slippery.