Adrenaline Extreme - Quad Biking

Come visit Adrenaline Extreme at Sun City, and try your hand at 4x4 Grizzly Quads.

Our Quad challenges are a breath-taking experience that teaches a person control, and acquire some off-road skills on our powerful Yamaha Grizzly 450cc 4x4 quads. Clients must be over the height of 1.2 meters to be able to participate, and you can choose between our “Mild” and our “Wild” routes. Once briefed and fitted with a helmet the guides take the client around the back to first get a feel of the quad. Then after the guides see the client is comfortable they start with the challenges.

We also have other new adventures on offer, including the hovercrafts, a small one man unit floating the driver on a cushion of air over a tar surface. Or experience a Drift Trike, Dirt Buggy, or exciting Accelerator – we have an adventure for everybody’s taste.