Adrenaline Extreme - Human Slingshot

We are situated at Sun City in the North West.

Come visit us and see what 4Gs can do to you!

The Accelerator is a giant human slingshot. This high-impact extreme ride gives you the chance to experience the same sort of spine-tingling sensations you would have when bungee jumping, in an exhilarating, launched flight.

You are sure to be afraid – but do it anyway. All you need are nerves of steel.

First you are firmly strapped into a safety harness, which is tightened, checked and double checked. A helmet, neck brace and goggles complete your safely equipment. Then the super stretchy bungee cords, which are attached to the top of two long poles, are hooked onto the harness ¬to form a giant human catapult – and you are ready.

The team will hoist you up between the poles, attach you to the back of a quad bike by a rope and pull you backwards, away from the poles, to the release point. Prepare for a surge of adrenalin when the rope is released and you are catapulted through the air at breakneck speed to swing high between the poles, before slowing down and coming to rest.

Only people between 50 kg and 100 kg, for safety reasons.
Booking is essential.