Adrenaline Extreme - Hovercraft

Join us for a fun-filled day of new adrenalin activities at Sun City.

Engage with a challenging 4x4 quad circuit, in low range, on our monster 400 cc 4x4 Yamaha Grizzly quad bikes. The brave will enjoy the exhilarating Accelerator (giant human slingshot), and feel what the force of 4G can do to you. Why not try to ‘fly’ a hovercraft? Or race some dirt buggies? Our new motorised Drift Trikes is a huge favourite.

For corporate teams, we can also offer our Adrenaline Warrior - A teambuilding challenge where you get down and dirty whilst enhancing camaraderie and team cohesion .

Adrenaline Extreme offers great family and corporate outdoor fun for anyone 1.2 m and taller who weighs no more than 100 kg. Don’t miss us when you visit Sun City.