Of all of the varied and exciting African adventures available to the holiday-makers, hiking in South Africa is surely one of the most memorable. One of man’s most ancient activities, the act of hiking has taken on a different meaning for us in modern times. Today it is a matter of getting in touch with nature on a far more intimate level, rather than traversing an exquisite sight briefly via helicopter.

For many hiking enthusiasts today, the multi-day trail is where the real excitement lays. Spending a weekend trekking through valley or wonder-filled woodlands and getting to know the many varieties of life in the area. The spirit of adventure is fulfilled only by call of the wild and no other activity allows one to satisfy their wanderlust at their own leisure.

There is a downside though - all of the heavy equipment. Many people wish that they could simply enjoy the natural sights all around them without the need to lug about heavy gear. This where the ancient pastime of hiking has evolved to suit the needs of the times. For this reason the new hiking style of Slackpacking was invented.

Slackpacking is the act of hiking without the need for travelling with heavy gear and allows participants to engage in multi-day trails, without it being necessary to establish a camp. Essentially this means that all of the emphasis is on the sights and sounds of the area through which you’re travelling, and not on uncomfortably lugging your gear. Generally your only items will be food, beverages and cameras.

With a lighter load you’re able to cover more ground and feeling more comfortable throughout the journey will greatly enhance your experience. Once you reach the appointed location in your journey, you’ll be collected by a driver and taken to pre-arranged luxurious accommodation venue. Once there, refreshments will abound and your party can relax while discussing your adventure thus far, take your fill of a delectable dinner and rest those well used muscles in a comfortable bed for the night.

Come morning you will be returned to the point you left off at and continue your journey. You will also be accompanied by a guide expertly familiar with the surrounds and able to answer any queries. This form of hiking has fast become one of the most popular ways to engage in African adventures.