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Swazi Trails gives back to the Community

If you are the kind of person who enjoys spending time in the outdoors, then Dirty Boots is for you. With over 100 adventure activities and adventure holidays in South Africa listed, you can enjoy doing things that you’ve never experienced in some of the most memorable locations ever!

Swazi Trails is an adventure tours operator based in Swaziland. They have facilitated white water rafting on the Usutu River since 1991; the Great Usutu River being one of Southern Africa’s essential water systems, with its source in South Africa, making it the ideal place for high adrenalin river rafting adventures. Swazi Trails is also highly concerned with supporting local communities. While many tour operators are oblivious to the welfare of rural communities, Swazi Trails has developed a relationship with the Mphaphati community since the company’s inception fifteen years ago and have regularly provided funding to assist the community. Dirty Boots is proud to align itself with operators such as Swazi Trails, who also believe in the value of uplifting and supporting the many underprivileged communities across Southern Africa.

The Managing Director of Swazi Trails, Darron Raw, says: “We have a very long relationship with this particular community, as not only do we pass through this area on a daily basis with our rafting groups, but all of our river guides are drawn from families and homesteads within the Mphaphati area.

The Mphaphati people are determined to provide their children with greater opportunities. As education is one of the biggest priorities, Swazi Trails donated over R80 000 to the local community for this specific purpose. These funds have been donated by river-rafting enthusiasts and will be put towards improving school facilities so the children may receive a better education. Head Teacher Mrs Busi comments: “The school is the one place that joins the whole community, as children from almost every homestead pass through here. We are grateful for the help that Swazi Trails and their tourists have brought; otherwise there is no one else that can assist us.”

Dirty Boots maintains an ethical and holistic stance in all of their business operations. For this reason they align themselves with operators who are registered and certified, as well as environmentally and socially responsible, and offer adventure activities and holidays that create lasting memories. So if you are looking for adventure holidays in South Africa, trust Dirty Boots and its affiliated operators to provide you with the best in heart-stopping adventure activities which contribute towards social upliftment of disadvantaged communities.