Stellenbosch Off Road Scooter Rides - Family Adventures

Stellenbosch Off Road Scooter Rides.

Scootours Stellenbosch is a true mountain experience and the ideal family micro adventure! The perfect choice when visiting the Cape Winelands.

This 1.5 hour tour takes you deep into the Jonkershoek Mountains of Stellenbosch where you will be surrounded by alpine-like mountains. The tour starts with a 4x4 shuttle up the mountain and is followed by two free wheel runs on the Monster Mountain Scooters. The scooters are gravity scooters and non-motorised making them eco-friendly and family friendly.

People often ask how the scooters are propelled and it is simple - gravity! The whole route is designed to have a little gradient so that the scooters can free wheel. You use your brakes to control your speed. Then we also get the question: is it dangerous? Then answer to that is that it is the same risk than riding a bicycle - so you need to be able to balance a bicycle to do Scootours. By designing each tour we have safety and families in mind - so it is not an extreme activity at all but a family activity, very popular for kids birthday parties, especially for kids turning 10 years. Children from ages 4 - 9 can join parents as passengers and children from the age of 10 years can ride their own scooter.

During the tour you will not only enjoy breathtaking scenes of the mountains in the Jonkershoek Reserve but you will experience the feeling of freedom as you scoot down these slopes. The scenery changes quickly and dramatically as you progress down the mountain - sharing this feeling with your family is priceless.

Each tour is accompanied by a professional guide as well as a driver / camera man!

The tour ends by looking at the action photos taken by the camera man and these photos are for sale.

The tour includes your entry permit to Jonkershoek, safety equipment, water and your shuttle up and down the mountain.