Sand Sledding and Boat Cruise Family adventure with Addo Cruises.

The so called “Mineshaft” and the “Crater Dune” is a Sand Sledding and Boat Cruise family adventure located in the Eastern Cape Province that’s a short and easy 35 minute drive on the N2 going East from Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha.

This awesome activity is located on the Sundays River Estuary – part of the Addo Marine Protected Area and the world renowned Alexandria Coastal Dune Fields or the Colchester dune field – its conveniently close the world famous Addo Elephant National Park. This family adventure is based in an area that has a wealth of amazing places to visit as well as loads of things to do - a logistically easy and convenient family holiday destination. Accommodation is also available on request.

Addo Cruises & Sand Sledding operates on the Sundays River Estuary in a small village of Cannonville – a stone’s throw away from the south entrance of the Addo Elephant National Park (camp Matyholweni).  Here you and your family will find incredible scenery of the riverine vegetation and sand dunes, pristine coastal thicket forests and even wildlife as you slowly cruise towards the dune fields. In fact, a special feature or highlight of this adventure is observing the hundreds of fish jumping out the water or darting away from the boat at incredible speeds. In the chaos of the fish jumping, some even land up on the boat deck to the delight and excitement of the children. You might also spot Vervet Monkey’s, Goliath Herons, Fish Eagles, fresh water Otters, Water Monitors (leguaan), Kingfishers, Night Herons and the magnificent White-Fronted Bee eaters.  0nce at the dunes,  the river cruise boat will anchor right at the foot of the huge dunes for you to disembark to either climb and explore or take part in the sand sledding. It’s all doable and doesn’t require high levels of fitness, just a little spirit of adventure and the experience of an adrenalin rush as you slide down the slipface of the dune on custom built Sand Sleds – designed to keep you going in a straight line without rotating or tumbling. An activity safe for all ages.

The whole family can take on the challenge of doing either the dry run on the “Crater Dune” or the wet & dry slide down the “Mineshaft”. The “Crater Dune” slide does not end up in the river, whereas the “Mineshaft” slide takes you down a dune at about 40km/h and up to 50 meters across the river. A mind blowing adventure. Our sleds can take one person, two or three people at a time that makes for awesome fun.

Our boat crew and guides are friendly and highly qualified – everyone’s safety is our top priority and all who participate are given comprehensive easy instructions on using the boards in a safe and responsible manner. Extra crew will be on hand to assist with the polishing of the boards and carrying these to the top of the dune for those who can’t.  Use this opportunity to take incredible family photos and action videos.