Oribi Gorge Swing - Family Adventures in South Africa

Oribi Gorge Swing - Family Adventures on the South Coast.

A trip to South Africa is often synonymous with the Big 5, but what can be wilder and more adventurous than an adrenaline-pumping trip to Wild 5! Perched on the rugged cliffs of Oribi Gorge, amid picture-perfect scenery, Wild 5 Adventures has drawn thrill-seekers from around the globe for nearly two decades. Offering a range of once-in-a-lifetime adventures, the company’s skilled and experienced guides create an energetic, fun vibe as they “show you the ropes”.

Discover why the Wild Gorge Swing is known as the ultimate rush. Experience weak knees and white-knuckled fear as you look over the edge, before taking the 55-story plunge in the world’s highest canyon swing! What makes this experience unique is that the jump does not take place from a man-made structure, but from a three-sided rocky canyon, beside a waterfall that cascades 160 meters into the valley below. If this experience is not on your bucket list yet, it definitely should be!

Another exhilarating adventure on offer comes in the form of a 110 meter abseil, alongside Lehr’s waterfall. Determine your own pace as you descend down the rock face into the lush valley, before hiking back up through breathtaking scenery. If you’re not quite brave enough for the Wild Swing or Wild Abseil, the Zip-line will also guarantee an adrenaline rush, as will the suspension bridge, which offers easy access to views from the other side of the gorge.  Furthermore, the exciting paintball arena offers a variety of real forts and buttresses such as a crashed airplane and vehicles to enhance your War-games.

Complete your trip by visiting the renowned view sites and enjoying a delicious meal or refreshments at the Oribi Gorge Hotel.

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