King Swing Drakensberg - Family Adventures

King Swing Drakensberg with All Out Adventures - Family Adventures.

Take a 17m swing and free fall from the Tree Top Suspension Bridge. You access the jump by a 21m spectacular spiral stair case. Some say that the climb is almost as exciting as the jump!

Participants are harnessed up at the base of the stairs, and then they climb up the spiral staircase to the exit platform. Here you are attached to safety ropes while climbing.

On the exit platform the instructor attached 3 ropes to the front of the harness.  Participants then stand on the edge of the bridge, bend their knees and jump off!  The King Swing adventure gets the most screams of all the adventures. The ropes only catches you when you are just meters above the ground. The ground rush is terrifying!

After the free fall, participants swing in the harness a few times (trying desperately to regain their composure), before the linesman lands them safety back on the ground.

The King Swing forms part of the ‘Ride as Much as You Like’ Package.  Winners of the Getaway Family Adventure Competition get the ‘Ride as Much as You Like’ Package for 4 people.  The package includes 3 hours of unlimited access to the King Swing, Zip Line, Flying Trapeze and Bungee Bounce, as well as 1 ticket for the Paintball Target Shooting and a free drink.

The Zip Line is a 2 part cable slide ride that is accessed by the same spiral stair case to an even higher tree top platform.  The guide operated braking system makes this the most accessible adrenalin rush around.  The first slide is 180 to a second tree top platform, and the second slide is 120 meters back to the ground.  The landing site is in close proximity to the start, so there is no long walk with shaky legs at the end of the activity.

The Flying Trapeze is a bona fide circus trapeze – Participants climb the ladder to the board, where the instructors attach them to the safety lines.  They then assist the participant to hold on to the swing bar with both hands, and to step off of the board.  Participants then swing through the ir with the greatest of ease, and have the option to try knee hang and the back flip dismount.  They are then free to run off and join the Circus!

Bungee Bounce is a fantastic trampoline and harness system where participants are attached to elasticated ropes and winched up above the trampoline, and pulled down, allowing them to bounce extremely high, and safely perform all sorts of back flips and front flips.  The five minute session is a great core work out for all ages.  The joy of this experience is that participants can control their own height, so it is great for young children and people who are scared of heights.

Paintball Target Shooting is also great fun for all ages.  Participants shoot against an opponent using solid balls, until all their targets fall over. The person who shoots all their targets down first is the winner.  Each person is given 100 balls.

The free drink is redeemable at the Coffee Shop.  Participants may choose a soft drink or cappuccino, tea of hot chocolate.  The coffee shop serves a selection of delicious toasted sandwiches, hot dogs and tea time treats.  Guests are also welcome to bring a picnic.  (In the interests of everybody’s safety we don’t allow open fires or alcohol at All Out Adventures.)