Canoeing Trips Wilderness - Family Adventures, Garden Route

Canoeing Trips Wilderness - Family Adventures, Garden Route.

Canoeing with Eden Adventures is a leisurely affair. Tranquility envelops you as you drift lazily on the placid waters of the Touw River in the Wilderness Section of the Garden Route National Park. Rooted in the verdant hills bordering the river are towering Outeniqua yellowwoods – true giants of the forest. Other stand out trees include the beautiful Cape Chestnut Trees, covered in delicate white and pink blossoms, as well as large milkwood trees overhanging the water. The trees are home to a myriad of birdlife. Knysna Turacos, Narina Trogons and various types of kingfishers watch you from the branches as you silently drift by on the dark tannin rich water.

For the enthusiast, the waterproof containers on the canoe are ideal for keeping your binoculars and camera dry on your excursion up river. There is even space for a picnic and swimming gear. The most popular outing is to canoe for roughly 40 minutes upstream to the end of the river and then get out and walk along a boardwalk for another 40 minutes to a stunning waterfall nestled in the forest, however there are a couple of other tributaries to explore as well.

Eden Adventures also offer a couple of adrenalin filled excursions including kloofing and a 45 m abseil next to a waterfall.

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