Waterfront Charters - Valentine's Day Boat Cruise

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Valentine’s Day Cruise - R360 per person

Sunset Champagne Cruise - R324 per person

40 Knot Experience - R396 per person

Clifton cruise on Jet Boat - R891 per person

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Besides the Valentines voucher discount, the other 3 will be valid from FEB 2017 + MARCH 2017

“For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”

This poetic stanza was written by Geoffrey Chaucer way back in 1382, and ever since then, St Valentine’s Day on the 14th February has been symbolically associated with romantic love. And at Waterfront Charters, this is an opportunity not to be missed. For what could possibly be more romantic than a sunset cruise with the person you love; surrounded by nothing but calm seas, sky teeming above and ocean below with incredible creatures no doubt also ‘choosing their mates’.

Aboard the Waterfront Charters vessel of your choice you will head out into Table Bay; with sparkling champagne to toast the moment, the sun sets into the Atlantic, its final rays highlighting the glorious views of the Cape Town mountains that lie behind you, cliffs circled by one of the most spectacular cities on earth. You don’t have to be Chaucer to recognise that this is the perfect time, and perfect place, to be with the person you love.

Waterfront Charters are no strangers to sunset cruises, but they recognise the magic of Valentine’s Day.

To make it even more special for couples they have added some amazing benefits to be enjoyed and treasured on the Valentine’s Day Cruise options. On boarding the vessel, star-crossed lovers will be treated to a free welcome drink – a choice of a glass of iced bubbly or a Mason’s cocktail Spritzer – and the ladies will receive a traditional long-stemmed rose. At 19h00 the vessels will slip their moorings and head out into the bay; with bows pointed towards the west, Waterfront Charters will get you as close as is legally possible to the setting sun!

For each couple aboard there will be a further free bottle of sparkling wine; for those who wish to celebrate with other libations, a cash bar offers multiple alternatives, including soft drinks. The skipper and attentive crew will be discretely on hand to ensure that all guests are well looked after on this most romantic of evenings, and all aboard are assured of a cruise of a lifetime.

Once the sun has made its departure, and the lights on land start becoming prominent, the boat will head back to its departure point, and it will tie up at 20h30. What guests do after that is entirely up to them; all Waterfront Charters know is that the mood for an incredible night will have been set…

Costs for this special event are an affordable R360 per person, and bookings can be made either online, at the Waterfront Charters office at Quay Five at the V&A Waterfront, or by calling the office for a provisional booking. Payments must be made online, and boarding passes can be picked up from the office at least 30 minutes before departure. As this is a special cruise, no other vouchers will be applicable for the Valentine’s Day cruise.

Waterfront Charters: as Chaucer would have noted, all lovers cometh there!