Human Slingshot at Sun City

Adrenaline Extreme

Adrenaline Extreme is situated at Sun City in the North West of South Africa. They offer drift trikes, hovercraft, quad biking and The Accelerator (giant human slingshot).

This month’s activity is The Accelerator or “Human Slingshot”

Be scared, Be afraid, but do it any way!! To Qualify for being a human Slingshot, you have to weigh between 50kg and 100kg. One get strapped into a harness which is tightened checked and double checked. A helmet, neck brace and safety goggles form part of the safety equipment you are equip with. A couple of Bungee ropes are hooked on to the harness. The person gets hoisted up between two poles and attached to a Quad Bike. The Quad is used to pull the client backwards until a certain point where the client is released, which shot the client forward at a possible Mach 3. The result is a safe yet adrenaline filled catapulting effect between two poles.

Come visit us and see what 4Gs can do to you!

Booking essential.