Heli Mountain Biking in the Drakensberg

Mountain biking just got rock-star cool with this exciting variation: heli mountain biking with Rockslide Mountain Biking.

Avoid Alpe d’Huez-like climbs by catching a chopper - with your mountain bike - to the top of the Central Drakensberg at 2,000 metres above sea level. Although the chopper flip and panoramic views of the Drakensberg mountains are rewarding on their own, remember that you’re there to ride.

Wave goodbye to the helicopter and prepare for an exhilarating ride on open ridge paths, across loose rock gardens, overlooking steep rock faces, down rock steps, and along technical and flowing single track. At the bottom, Rockslide’s taxi shuttle waits to take you to the next run. 2-3 runs can be completed in the 4-5 hour session. 

These guided heli mountain biking trips are recommended for riders with intermediate to advanced skills. All hard sections are short with the option to take an easy line or to walk. Dual suspension bikes are highly recommended.

With Rockslide Mountain Biking, you can fly up and ride down the Central Drakensberg for your next mountain biking trip.