Face Adrenalin

The view from Bloukrans Bridge, captures all the majesty and tranquillity of the Bloukrans River valley below. Bloukrans Bridge is Africa’s highest bridge and home to the World’s Highest Bungy Jump from a Bridge. Secured in a full body harness Bloukrans Bungy, utilizes pendulum bungy technology ensuring the smoothest, most comfortable bungy jump possible.

Face Adrenalin, the company who run Bloukrans Bungy, have a number of records to their name. In 2003, Bloukrans bungy was recognised as the world’s highest commercial bungy jump. In 2008 we were part of two more world records. Veronica Dean performed 19 bungy jumps in one hour and Bill Boshoff performed 101 jumps in a 24 hour period. Bill’s world record was subsequently surpassed in 2011 when we facilitated Scott Huntley to regain the world record with 107 jumps in the 24 hour period. In 2010 Mohr Keet (a pensioner from George, on South Africa’s Garden Route) laid claim to being the oldest man in the world to bungy jump - at the tender age of 96.

Face Adrenalin have played host to the likes of Prince Harry, Jack Osbourne, Thabk Mbeki, The Zuma family, Bobby Skinstad, Hansie Cronje, Fanie De Villiers, KellySlater, Andy Irons, The Amazing Race, and many more famous and not so famous visitors - you never know who you could meet on any given day at Bloukrans, the worlds highest bungy bridge !

Face Adrenalin opened the first bungy jump in Africa in 1989 at the Gourits River Bridge under the name of Kiwi Extreme. They now run the world’s highest commercial bungy jump from a bridge on the Bloukrans Bridge. This bridge borders the Eastern and Western Cape and is situated in the Tsitsikamma area of the Garden Route. The Bloukrans bridge is 216 meters (709 feet) above the Bloukrans River. Our bungy jump operations is open 365 days of the year during all weather conditions (except gale force winds).

Face Adrenalin have maintained a 100% safety record over all their operations. Our primary focus is to give the best experience of your life, by maintaining the highest quality safety standards on our operations so that bungy jumping can be experienced and enjoyed by all. Our operation is covered by comprehensive public liability.

The company has taken bungy jumping from extreme sport to world-class entertainment by offering thrills tailored to all levels of daring. If Face Adrenalin’s flawless safety record is not enough to convince you to jump, there are walking tours across the world’s third highest bridge. Here you can take in the glory of the valley and learn about the largest single-span bridge. See one of Africa’s marvels up close.  Walk along a spectacular and specially designed catwalk to the top of the arch from where you look out over the Gorge to the mountains and the sea in the distance.