Activities and Things to do at Sun City, North West.

Activities and Things to do at Sun City, North West

Back when gambling was prohibited in South Africa, Sun City drew visitors for its casinos, swimming pools, luxury hotels, extravaganzas, beauty pageants, music shows and rock concerts. 40-years later, Sun City is as known for its casino entertainment as it is for its diverse activity offering and the sporting events it hosts, like major golf tournaments, mountain bike races, trail runs and open-water swimming events. These events, together with the many adventure activities on offer, its Lost City theme park and its close proximity to the Pilanesberg National Park, make Sun City as current and exciting today as it was when it first opened its doors in 1979.

There are watersports at Waterworld, a zipline at the Valley of the Waves, a permanent maze that looks like an archaeological ruin, target shooting and other adrenaline-infused activities at Adrenaline Extreme, and an array of adventure activities at the Mankwe Gametrackers Outdoor Adventure Centre .

Action Shooting

Like the hero in an action movie, action shooting places you in a building and there you must shoot at targets that appear around corners and behind windows. This is tactical activity that will accelerate your heart rate and cause a rush of adrenaline before you even start. Action shooting is perfect for groups of friends, bachelor/ette parties and as a teambuilding activity.

Drift Trikes Sun City

Visit Adrenaline Extreme at Sun City and challenge your driving skills with our Drift Trikes experience. The drift trike is a unique three-wheeled vehicle that is designed to drift around corners. Our drift trikes are motorised, similar to a go-cart. They run on a tar track where clients can race each other in a fun-filled drifting experience.

Sun City Hot-Air Ballooning

Before the sun rises, hot air balloons take to the sky, soaring above the hotels, swimming pools and theme parks of Sun City and the wilderness of the Pilanesberg National Park. In the early morning,  the air is stable and unaffected by the thermals of a warm day.

Sun City Hovercraft

Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of Pretoria and Johannesburg by visiting Sun City. Situated near Rustenburg in the North West province, and virtually a stone’s throw from Pilanesberg National Park, Sun City is a one-stop playground with something for everyone.

Human Slingshot

More exhilarating than bungee jumping, this giant human slingshot catapults you into the air to send you hurtling forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards in an thrilling ride. Terrified of jumping off bridges and cliffs or being shot into the sky like a rocket? Then this is the perfect adrenaline-packed adventure activity for you as this catapult launches you into flight more horizontally than vertically.


A Jetovator is a water-propelled flying jetski that suspends the rider as much as 10-metres above the water surface. While experienced riders can perform impressive aerial tricks, first-timers will find it easy to learn to ride, quickly getting the hang of controlling this extraordinary flying bike.


A walking maze is a large-scale, three-dimensional version of those pen-and-paper puzzles that captivated us as children. The maze walls are higher than head height and the complex path network may have multiple entrances and exits as well as dead ends. When walking a maze, your objective is to find the way out.

Sun City Parasailing

At Sun City’s Waterworld, parasailing is one of many water-based activities offered on the man-made lake. Popular with visitors to this luxury resort, parasailing is safe and fun. A specially designed canopy that looks like a parachute is towed behind a speed boat. You are secured in a harness and after a short run - aided by the pull from our boat, the parasail fills with air, lifting you up-up-up! From 35-metres above the lake, you are treated to an unspoiled view of the Sun City resort. A gentle descent lands you safely into the water. Two people can go up together with a double parasail.

Sun City Quad Biking

Quad bikes are four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) with better stability than a motorbike and the performance of a tractor able to climb over even the roughest terrain. Whether riding on trails or conquering obstacles, quad biking is superb fun. At the Sun City resort, Adrenaline Extreme takes quad biking one step further with their Grizzly 4x4 Quad Circuit.

Rope Course

We offer an exciting, fun-filled journey; climbing, swinging and sliding high above the Valley of Waves, Sun City. Anyone wanting to challenge themselves and their abilities will find a rope adventure to suit them. There are a number of different courses (or journeys) and each one requires a specific approach and set of skills. Certainly not just an activity for children, this is an excellent developmental tool for both young and old alike, suitable for individuals, families and groups.

Segway Tours


Zip Line