Luvuvhu 4x4 Trail

The Luvuvhu 4x4 Trail

The Luvuvhu 4x4 Trail offers you 4 nights of camping wild in reserves where the Big 5 roam.  Starting in Phalaborwa, and hearing north through Letaba Ranch and Makuya Reserve, this is an opportunity to get away from everything that is familiar.  You’ll be testing your 4x4 in a variety of rough conditions, camping along rivers and under the stars, and living with the simple rhythms of day and night. With all the nights spent in the reserves, there is a good chance of seeing a range of animals, as well as hearing them while you sit around your camp-fire.

The trail is guided by a 4x4 expert, and all the vehicles are linked during the drives by walkie talkies. Trailists provide their own fully-kitted vehicles and food. For those not equipped with their own vehicles, fully equiped 4x4’s are available to hire. Bring the adventurous spirit, and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.