Faciliteits the deveopment of mountain-bike trail opportunities on the African continent with the aim of developing Africa into a premier mountain-bike destination. Ama Rider assists landowners with trail development, riders with trail information and trail operators with a marketing platform thanks to a combined national rider database.

What you need to know about Amarider

Amarider is a South African registered Section 21, non-profit company with the aim of improving mountain bicycling opportunities on the African continent.  Amarider is affiliated to the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), generally accepted as the worldwide leader of trail related issues and advocacy.

What do we do?
Amarider provides guidelines and standards for the construction, maintenance, development and management of mountain bike trails and promotes enhanced access to trails for all riders.

To achieve our objectives we:
• Drive the development of new trails
• Negotiate policy with land management agencies
• Coordinate trail projects with a focus on local skills empowerment
• Develop trail management policy
• Provide risk management strategies for trail managers and owners
• Assist clubs and riding groups to develop strong local capacity
• Maintain an insurance policy to protect clubs and volunteers who manage trail systems
• Facilitate Volunteer work parties
• Facilitate school mountain bike events to promote the sport amongst the youth
• Develop access control systems as well as club membership management tools.
• Promote responsible trail construction
• Promote responsible trail use
• Promote mountain biking as a positive, sustainable outdoor pursuit

Importantly, enjoying the benefits of our work is not only restricted to members of the organization, but is intended to enhance the experience of all trail users, regardless of their affiliation.

Further, we advocate shared –use trails and facilitate the integration of other trail user groups as well.