6 Day Pony Trekking Adventure in Lesotho

Lesotho is a world without fences. Breathtaking scenery abounds and every season has unique attractions. One of the best ways to discover the freedom and beauty of the “Kingdom in the Sky” is to take an exhilarating adventure into the mountains on a Basotho pony.  Forget about the hustle and bustle of modern day living for a few days and get back down to the basics. Just you, your pony and Basotho guide, traversing spectacular mountain passes and exploring some of Lesotho’s highest waterfalls, with only the sounds of the distant odd cowbells and friendly greetings of the Basotho people.

The pony treks are usually about 7 hrs each day (+- 20km) and range from 2 day to 7 days.  No riding experience is necessary, but the conditions are “rough and tough”. You sleep on mattresses on the floor in huts hired from the Basotho people in remote villages. No frills whatsoever, ie.no showers, you bathe in the plastic basins provided and swim in streams, no flush toilets, only Long Drop Toilets. This is “The Real Africa”.

The horses are hired from the Basotho people and a guide and packhorse accompanies the treks. Helmets are supplied and are compulsory.

The Pony Treks are usually self-catering, but we do offer a fully catered trek on request.


Day 1: Arrive at Malealea Lodge

Day 2: 6 - 7 hours (approx. 21kms).
08:00 Your journey embarks. Meet with your guide at the Tack room, where you will be briefed, pack your saddlebags and off you go! The trail takes you down into the Makhaleng Valley, across the river and up a steep, rocky mountain path. Just relax and let your horse do the work, they are very sure-footed and know the best paths to take.  The rest of the day is easy going along well worn paths.  Your guide will stop for a lunch break and for the horses to have a midday snack. When you get to your overnight hut, if you are feeling up to it, leave your gear in the hut, a guide will take you to the bottom of the Ribaneng waterfall. Have a refreshing dip in the stream. The duration of the hike is about 3 hours return. 

Day 3
Quite long, about 7 hours with stops. You will feel a bit sore and stiff from the previous day’s ride, but the feeling will soon go as you once again bond with your horse. It’s a steep, rocky climb up the mountain pass first thing in the morning. The spectacular view from the top of the pass will be well worth it. The rest of the day is gentle riding along undulating terrain. Look out for splashes of colour from various wildflowers. Insist on seeing the top of the Ketane waterfall in the afternoon - this will add another hour onto the duration of the trek. Arrive at the village of Ha Hlalele, Georgina, and if you still have extra energy and want to stretch your legs, leave your gear in the hut, and take a guide to hike to the Ketane Waterfall - about 2 hrs.

6 day Pony Trekking Adventure in Lesotho

Day 4
Approx. 6 hours to Sekoting.  The stiffness and soreness miraculously disappears today as for the first time, you begin to feel even more connected to your horse.  You can relax and enjoy a gentle ride along the undulating plains.  Look around, enjoy the stillness and soak in the beauty of nature.

Overnight in cosy Sekoting Village which is a very small hamlet surrounded by mountains. The evening is long, so make sure to save some of the “Happy Hour” drinks for this night and bring out the flashlights and playing cards.

Day 5
Approx. 7 hours (+- 21 km). And all too soon it’s nearly over.  Back to “civilisation’ with mixed feelings.  Malealea Lodge welcomes you back to fill that longing for a nice hot shower, clean, soft smelling clothes, a warm, comfy bed, and a delicious, freshly home-cooked meal, yet there will be a feeling of nostalgia, missing the serenity of the mountains where it was just you and your horse. Your pony trek adventure comes to an end around the campfire exchanging experiences and stories with each other and other travellers.

Day 6
Depart Malealea

2019 Rates

1 person - R5145pp
2 people - R3625pp
3 people or more - R3425pp

Cost Includes
Accommodation in Standard en-suite rooms at Malealea Lodge before and after the trek
Overnight hut accommodation
Your horse, a guide and his horse and a packhorse with saddle bags.
Helmets, riding tackle,
Mattresses in the huts
Gas Cooker, cooking equipment and eating utensils. (If you need to use cutlery and crockery during the day – away from the huts ie for example, for lunch, then you will need to bring your own utensils and crockery just for lunches, but most people tend to make sandwiches at the huts to take with them or have a finger lunch).
Bucket of fresh spring water for cooking, drinking and washing. (If you have a sensitive stomach use water purification tablets or boil the water first before drinking). You can also fill your water bottles for the next day with the spring water.

Cost excludes
All Meals and drinks

6 day Lesotho Pony Trekking Adventure