South Africa Skydiving

If you could add an ‘adrenaline’ topping to your pizza, you would. Your adventure seeking soul has seen you jumping off bridges, tackling white water rapids and swing your way across gorges. You’re now looking for your next thrill, your next adventure fix, your next opportunity to say “That was crazy!” Don’t worry. We’ve got a few more items for you to add to your adventure-craving bucket list.

1. Shark Cage Diving
How does this sound… Ever heard of the Great White Shark? Yes, the one that practically swims around with the Jaws theme tune playing at its fins. Well you can now pay a company to throw you in a secure cage, lower you into the water and attract these sharks by tossing chum in the water. Here whitey, whitey, whitey. You can experience this in both Gansbaai, near Hermanus, or in False Bay, Cape Town. An epic combination of learning, nature and adrenaline.

2. Quad Biking in the Dunes
Yes, yes, it may seem mellow, but the adrenaline rush you get from adding speed and scenic beauty is extraordinary. So where can you do it? Well only in the adventure capital of Namibia! Swakopmund. Swakopmund’s backyard is a quad biking playground. The endless stretches of bright orange dunes are just what you need to zip around in for some butterflies-in-your-stomach fun. Spend a few hours loving the throttle as you zig, zag and ramp dunes on an adrenaline releasing adventure you won’t forget soon.

3. Whale Shark Safari
Praia Do Tofo in Mozambique is a magical place. It’s the place where you learn to trust a shark, well, a whale shark at least. Said to be more whale than shark, the whale shark is an absolutely beautiful, tame sea creature. Tame, extremely photogenic and elegant swimmers, the whale shark is the perfect sea creature to experience up close in a thrilling aquatic experience. What are you waiting for? Slap on some scuba gear and go swimming with the sharks… whale sharks.

4. Drakensberg Rock Climbing
Ever been rock climbing? The South African Drakensberg Mountains are absolutely amazing for this. You simply, just have to experience hoisting your body weight around a portion of 180 km of escarpment, stopping to soak up the sheer breathtaking beauty of the valleys, 3 300 m high peaks and landscape from your summit view point. The rock climbing routes are made up of both good ol’ traditional climbing paths, as well as a series of bolted sections too. Adrenaline pumping stuff.  The fulfilling experience is worth every bead of sweat.

5. Namibia Sky Diving
Jump out of an airplane into 5 000 ft of free fall. Pack two pairs of underwear. Enough said. They say life shouldn’t be a path to the grave intending to arrive safely in a perfect and well preserved body. Rather, one should skid in sideways, wine in one hand, chocolate in the other, body totally used up, completely worn out and yelling ‘BOOYA what a ride! When was your last dose of adrenaline?

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Dalene is proudly South African with a passion for romantic getaways, road tripping and baking her 4 minute cheesecake recipe. With strong family roots, she enjoys coordinating family gatherings and making sure loads of photos are taken throughout every year. Dalene is a travel writer who enjoys finding Africa’s most unique and unusual destinations, things to do and stay over places.

Written by Dalene Ingham-Brown - Drive South Africa blogger