It was Cinderella who said a new pair of shoes can change your life and she was right! Find the perfect fitting pair of shoes and you find happiness. In previous decades shoes could be one of two things, either comfortable or fashionable, but never both. Now, thankfully, shoes can be both practical and stylish and suited to every occasion.

Whether you are going on an adventure trip of a lifetime or enjoying a night on the town, there is plenty of choice to fit your needs in the Sketchers Collection. There is even a Healthy Living range designed with a lower profile and padding to keep your feet cushioned, which is so beneficial if you spend all day standing up or walking around at work.

South African safari

Although fashion varies from season-to-season, certain elements remain forever stylish. Choose shoes in simple black or white for a classic look that will match any outfit you are wearing. Shades of browns are great for safari adventures, as you will want to blend in with your surroundings so that you can get as close to the animals as possible. Blue is associated with aquatic adventures and is the perfect color to choose when planning any water-based activities.

Kruger Walking Safari

In everyday life, there is always the potential to trip up and even more so when you are in new or unfamiliar terrain. One of the reasons we love to go on adventure holidays is that they introduce us to different ways of exploring the world around us. To go off the beaten track means to open up a huge world of possibilities, where you find yourself witnessing sights you could only ever imagine. Dust tracks and rugged terrain are the start of this process, as they lead into the wilds and wilderness that contain the incredible sights of nature and animal life.

Hiking along trails in the African Bush will provide you with images that last a lifetime. Who could forget meeting a majestic elephant or watching a heard of rhino meander past? These incredible views can only be relished if you feel comfortable with yourself and that begins with your feet! Provide them with proper padding and non-slip soles encased in a stylish design and they will transport you happily through your adventure. Choose an inferior quality product and - ouch - blisters and bleeding unfortunately await you.

So don`t let anything detract from your planned adventure and certainly not something as simple as shoes! It is easy to find your perfect pair from the wide range of Sketchers. Then head out to your adventure and enjoy the style and comfort of your slip resistant.

Bon voyage and have a great time!

Rock climbing in South Africa