Shark Cage Diving South Africa

Dirty Boots, your one-stop adventure guide, offers you the most adrenaline-surging shark cage diving experience that will satisfy your need for adventure and leave your heart pounding. The coastal town of Gansbaai is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world and once you reach “Shark Alley” you will witness these predators in all their glory. You will also be offered the opportunity to see sharks engage in the great natural phenomenon, known as shark breaching, which sees sharks leap out of the water, only a few metres from you; this is the one time you will see the “flying shark”.

This is the best way to view these monoliths of the ocean in their natural environment and also gain a greater understanding of these predators. Great White Sharks, and sharks in general, are perceived to be vicious animals, however it is exactly the opposite; they do not actually attack unless they feel threatened in any way. They are never purposely seeking to attack whatever comes their way.

This is the perspective that shark cage diving allows you to have. Sharks are by nature inquisitive and therefore will approach the cage just to “investigate” the unnatural addition of a cage in their waters. Shark cage diving can also be seen as privilege, rather than just an adventure. They are under threat from many commercial enterprises that exploit them for monetary gain.

Therefore while you will, naturally, enjoy the experience it is important that you also appreciate all the work that goes into providing you with this one-of-a-kind adventure. The bottom-line is: enjoy and remain aware of how important sharks are to the environment.