Shark Cage Diving South Africa

There is nothing quite like the exhilarating rush you feel, as you duck under the water within the safety of the cage, and see a massive, streamlined head gunning towards you, razor teeth bared in a menacing smile as the great white crashes his head against the steel bars, sending sharp vibrations rattling through the water. Witnessing the immense power of these so-often misunderstood creatures of the deep, is an experience everyone should have, and Dirty Boots is a fantastic guide to assist you in choosing a company and a shark cage diving package that best suits your needs.

Gansbaai is renowned for being one of the best locations to view these powerful predators. Great White Sharks abound in this area, which is known as much for its wildlife as for its magnificent scenery and landscape. Sink your toes into the soft white sands of Pearly Beach, and look out for another famous visitor to Gansbaai - the beautiful whales who return to the region religiously. Take a moment to pause and take in the astonishing panoramic views from De Kelders, and explore some of the many caves hidden within these cliffs. Trek into the mountains and immerse yourself in the mysterious, ancient milkwood forests, and surround yourself in beautiful unique fynbos, which attracts many animals and birds. Gansbaai is a place of diverse landscapes, and rugged, untamed beauty, so give yourself lots of time to discover its many treasures.

Dyer island is the best known spot for viewing the great whites. With a thriving penguin colony housed on its rocky shores, as well as an abundance of seals, this is a shark’s dream, and you are guaranteed the chance to see the fearful predators in action. Dirty Boots is South Africa’s leading adventure travel guide, and is a fantastic resource for both travel consultants and the adrenaline- junkie looking for his/her next adventure. If you are looking for an opportunity to go shark cage diving, use Dirty Boot’s list of specialist companies to find your ideal trip.

Shark cage diving in Gansbaai is an unforgettable experience, which many people have called life-changing. Witnessing the magnificent great white sharks in their natural environment is a privilege, and one will have a profound respect and admiration for these wonderful animals at the end of the trip. Shark cage diving allows people to learn more about sharks, and this education is vitally important as it prevents a number of the harmful assumptions people have about these creatures.

Book your shark cage diving trip, using Dirty Boot’s useful list of cage diving companies, and you could be up close and personal with a great white in no time! There is no better place to go shark cage diving than in Gansbaai, South Africa, which is a perfect habitat for these predators, presenting the ideal opportunity for us to witness them in their own environment.