Climbing Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro is on most mountain climbers’ bucket lists and offers a formidable but extremely rewarding challenge. Known as the ‘Mountain of Light, Mountain of Greatness or Mountain of Caravans,’ the sloping peaks disappear into the clouds, while Kibo, the summit of Africa watches over the diverse continent. Here lies the highest peak on the African continent – a spectacular, breath-taking natural phenomenon.

As the world’s tallest, free-standing Mountain rising to an astounding elevation of 5,895 metres, it is surprising that the summit is as accessible as it is. One of the astonishing factors about the climb is how the climate and terrain changes as you ascend, from the lush forests supporting an abundance of life to the moon-like alpine desert landscape, which is soon followed by ice and snow sparkling like a million diamonds in the sunlight. If you are able to reach Uhuru Point, you will feel the gap between the heavens and earth grow small as you look out over one of the most spectacular vistas the world has to offer.

Dirty Boots lists Adventure Dynamics which is a tour company which has been leading trips up Kilimanjaro for over eight years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the mountain. If you choose to do the eight day Kilimanjaro Expedition you will meet like-minded people, all with a common dream and you will be able to test your limits and set yourself an exciting new challenge.

The Umbwe/ Machame route begins through the serene, untouched forest, following Umbwe River and continues to the Heath and Moorland Belt and then to the Machame Route. From here you will ascend the Barranco wall before reaching Karanga Valley Camp from which you will be able to make your way to the top camp, Barafu. On day 6 you will start early in the morning for the final challenge – Uhuru Peak. The aim is to catch the glorious sunrise at Stella Point before continuing to the Peak and then heading back down to Barafu and then Mweka Camp for the start of the descent.

With the Machame Route you will begin your climb at 1920 metres with a six to eight hour trek along one of the mountain’s most gorgeous pathways to the Machame Camp. You will then cross a small valley and wander along a river gorge which gradually ascends until the Shira Plateau.  From here you will continue past the Lava Towers to spend the night at Barranco camp. The next day you will climb the Barranco wall and then wind your way up to Barafu Camp. On day six you will make the final push to the incredible Uhuru Point and then descend back to Barafu and then to Mweka, before making the final descent to the mountain’s base.

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