Aquarium Diving South Africa

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There are so many tours available that you’ll be spoilt for choice – from shark cage diving in South Africa to whale watching tours and riveting river rafting – there truly is something for everyone. This is a unique way to discover the splendour of South Africa, a place of immense beauty and possibility.

Aquarium Shark Diving is a fantastic way to enjoy a close encounter with these phenomenal predators, within a safe, controlled environment. Suitable for everyone; imagine ducking down under the water and witnessing the powerful majesty of these animals as they swim right next to you in graceful motion, like streamlined torpedoes gliding easily through the water. The adrenaline and exhilaration that comes over you is indescribable and something that you have to experience for yourself.

Sharks are fascinating animals that unfortunately have a sadly undeserved reputation and by getting so close, hopefully you will discover a new found respect for them which will quell many of the more dangerous misperceptions. This is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful creatures first hand and to educate yourself about their true character. More human deaths occur every year via nasty accidents with toasters than because of sharks, which as a general rule don’t recognise people as prey.

Sharks are not the only creatures that you will be able to dive with. Many of the tanks also contain other exciting marine species, including the gorgeous manta rays which seem to fly through the water like the birds of the sea, while the jaunty tortoises float, surprisingly elegant, with wise expressions on their ancient faces.

The temperature, visibility and tank conditions are all controlled and optimal for diving. There are two main aquariums in South Africa which offer a superb diving experience: the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town and uShaka Marine World in Durban. In Cape Town, you can either dive in the restful kelp forest, surrounding by swaying seaweed and massive shoals of fish or you can conquer your fears and face the I&J predator exhibit, which hosts a number of predators hailing from the Indian Ocean. To dive in the Kelp forest you need an advanced dive qualification, which is not necessary for the predator’s tank which is open to people of all levels.  Here you will see the Ragged Tooth shark, yellow tail, Garrick, dusky kob and Yoshi the loggerhead turtle.

At uShaka Marine World, Calypso Dive will take you on an enthralling underwater journey – you can choose to go shark cage diving, opt for the unique Ocean Walker experience in the Open Ocean exhibit and stroll across the ocean floor or go snorkelling in the exquisite Snorkel Lagoon.

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