Automated Customer Videos - Cape Canopy TourAchieve top rankings with Automated Customer Videos.

Top Ten Experiences in Africa.
South African operators achieve top rankings in the 2019 Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards 2019 with help from customer videos.

The Travellers choice awards are awarded, as the name suggests, by the travellers themselves and the reviews they write about their experience. A proprietary algorithm is then used by Tripadvisor to find those experiences / candidates to be listed in the Top Ten. Basically, this is a set of rules in a search index which measures the quality of reviews, the number of reviews and the recency of reviews posted by travellers over a twelve-month period.

So, how did the top-ranked experiences use customer videos to achieve top ranking?

Let us first acknowledge that video is not the only mechanism that has lead to the success stories of Cape Canopy Tour and Cape Town Helicopters in this year’s awards. Based on the data collected from two top ranked operators video portals, we can see that the inclusion of customer videos in their marketing strategy has played a significant role in driving positive reviews on Tripadvisor and across all other social media platforms.

In the case of Cape Canopy Tours Ranked no.2 in the top 10 Experience in Africa.

A video capturing the individual’s experience is provided as a complimentary value add to customers, which they receive on their mobile phones right after their tour. 

Here are 5 reasons why providing customer videos has helped Cape Canopy Tours achieve top spot:
• Capturing and distributing individual videos shows dedication towards going the extra mile in helping improve the overall customer’s experience.
• Viewing a high-quality personalized experience video helps customers relive their experience, bringing back the emotions they felt on the day before landing on the TripAdvisor write a review page.
• Receiving a experience video directly on mobile on a personalised portal page right after the tour, helps promote the activity providing as having modern, streamlined systems in place that benefit the customer.
• Enabling the customer to share their experience through a personal video sent to their family and friends adds value to their overall experience and their audiences experience with the activities brand.
• Allowing easy access from their video to the Tripadvisor review page drastically simplifies the customer’s review experience and promotes writing the review while the experience is still fresh on the mind.

The results from Cape Canopy Tours video portal page show a substantial 701 banner click-throughs which lead to the Tripadvisor write a review page to date.

The innovative and tech-savvy Director, Ryan Larkman, had this to say about the use of video in their strategy.

“Being able to provide our customers with a great video showcasing their personal experience in such an efficient way, has without a doubt, played a part in us gaining the exposure which has lead to this award.”

In the case of Cape Town Helicopters ranked no.6 in the top 10 Experiences in Africa.

Cape Town Helicopters is without a doubt the top Helicopter Operator on the African continent having collected a long list of awards and accolades over the years.  Their customers receive a complimentary social media optimized cut video after their flight which supports their highly revered marketing strategy while adding value to their overall customer’s experience. View their customer experience video here.

The Guru Marketing Manager Herman Geldenhuys has this to say about using customer videos.

“The add on social media cut video gives our customers the opportunity to share the experience right away and rate us while they are still captivated by their flight. It’s an innovative tool that works.”


Another successful example of customer videos being used as part of a marketing strategy…

Comes from Face adrenalin Bloukrans Bungy, who saw their TripAdvisor reviews double in a month when compared with the previous month after introducing a “Please Rate Us” banner on their video portal page.  They also have a vast amount of direct shares to Facebook which ensures friends and family of customers have direct access to their video but also their Tripadvisor page. 

The General Manager Braden Tuohey had this to say about using customer videos to drive exposure.

“Our customers are loving the fact that they can engage with us through their videos. The results speak for themselves.”

And there you have it. Proof and pudding.

Customer videos add value to your customer’s experience and work towards gaining you the ever more increasingly valued Tripadvisor Review.

We would also like congratulate everyone who played a part in the success of Cape Canopy Tours and Cape Town Helicopters achievement and also to Ryan, Herman and Braden for their comments and allowing us the opportunity to share data captured from their video portal pages that are powered by Floodin.

By Lance Foster