Karoo Cycle

After spending the first four months of the year behind the computer and telephone I decided it was time to squeeze in a quick adventure.  With family and work commitments it had to be close not to waste valuable time travelling half way around the globe.  I have also been punting the fact that there is always an adventure on your doorstep, all you have to do is open your eyes.  So out comes the map,  where any good adventure starts - right!  My eyes immediately fell on a big open space in the Karoo, I am not going to be more specific as I am going to keep the secret to myself of the exact route. 

In 5 days we saw ten cars, camped next to the road for 4 nights without once being disturbed, what more can a cyclist ask for? 

You would think there is nothing in the Karoo of any significant value or interest ... but here you are completely wrong.  The people we met were extremely friendly and interesting.  The clean air and uninterrupted silence and space breeds great characters.  Then the wildlife was abundant with a variety of birds and mammals to be spotted if you keep your eyes open, everything is a little smaller and tougher in the Karoo compared to the bushveld.

So, to those of you who are looking for a quick break, pack those panniers and hit the road. There is no better vacation to be had.  It is light on the wallet and heavy on the legs.  You will come back relaxed and fitter.

Happy Adventuring from the Dirty Boots Team.


Cycle trip Karoo