Mongolian Desert

Local businessman, adventurer, and humanitarian, Paul Erskine, is nearing the end of his training to ride 1,000 km across the Mongolian desert on horseback for 11 days in August.

The Mongol Derby is the longest horse race in the world. Basically, Paul and 20 or so other riders will race semi-wild Mongolian horses through the remotest wilderness of Asia, stopping only to change horses and refuel. It’s the toughest horse race in history, and Paul’s doing it to raise funds for the orphaned and abandoned children of Indlela’s Fairhavens Babies Home in KwaZulu-Natal.

Paul’s always been an extreme adventure junkie. He’s crossed the Arctic Circle on a dog sled pulled by huskies, seen five of the seven wonders of the world, climbed to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, visited 72 countries, and scuba dived all over the world. And he still has a lot to tick off on his Bucket List!

Paul Erskine

In it for Indlela
This particular adventure is fuelled by a cause close to his heart – his desire to make a difference in the lives of abandoned babies. Appalled at the high rate of abandonment, Paul’s inspired to raise funds for the children of Indlela’s Fairhavens Babies Home. Every Rand donated goes towards bettering the lives of abandoned babies and orphaned children in South Africa.

This will be Paul’s most extreme challenge to date though – 20 riders pitting themselves against the hardiest opponent – the Mongolian Desert.

Paul’s been rigorously training in preparation for the Mongol Derby – waking up at 5am every day to go riding, followed by a hectic cardio session at gym, burning at least 1 000 calories! Paul weighed 92.5kg in January and had to get his weight down to 85kg to race because he’s only allowed 5 kg’s of extras like a tent and food.

Paul Erskine

From the 6th of August, Paul will race across 1 000 km of Mongolia’s steppe while selfnavigating, only stopping to change horses every 40km. It’s the ultimate race to make a difference, and Paul is in it for Indlela. You can make a difference by donating to his cause.

Follow Paul’s journey to win
To encourage support, Paul has also launched a Bucket List competition – a R30 000 trip off his Bucket List. To enter, follow him on Facebook and refer your friends. And don’t forget to make a donation to make a difference in the lives of South Africa’s orphans!

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The Mongolian Derby