Skydive Cape Town

If you take a forty minute drive out of the bustling city of Cape Town, heading up the West Coast, you will soon find yourself near the premises of Skydive Cape Town. Situated on a small airfield just off the R27 highway, Skydive Cape Town is the number one stop on the road to adrenalin junkie heaven.

A full-time operation, Skydive Cape Town is open seven days a week, weather permitting. To do a tandem skydive all you have to do is make a booking and arrive on time; the rest is as easy as falling out of a plane.

A fully certified tandem master will strap you into your harness and give you a short briefing before walking you to our aeroplane. You will take a 25–30 minute plane ride whilst enjoying the splendid view of Table Mountain and the surrounding Cape Peninsula. 

At an altitude of about 9 000ft the fun begins! Falling at a rate of 200 km per hour, you will find it hard not to smile as pure exhilaration replaces any feeling you even thought you had. The best is that you don’t have to do anything but have fun; your tandem master will take care of everything.

At about 5 000ft you will find a parachute above your head and your slow decent to terra firma begins, giving you enough time to soak up the view for a last time before landing.

So for the ultimate in adventure sport and extreme exhilaration, come to Skydive Cape Town!