Eden Adventures - Canoeing

From our base at Fairy Knowe Hotel, you can explore the placid waterways of the Touw River system.

The most popular route is to head up into the indigenous forest for a picnic. For those who want variation, you can also disembark from the canoe further upstream and hike to a scenic waterfall for a refreshing swim. For birdlovers, the winding reedbeds of the Serpentine offer some wonderful birdwatching opportunities including, various kingfishers, herons and other waders. A third alternative is to head towards the beach which is about 40 minutes down river. To finish the canoe trip off, one can always enjoy a relaxing meal or drink on the riverdeck back at the hotel.

All canoes have waterproof containers for cameras, binoculars, picnics and other odds and ends.