Animal Ocean - Swimming with Seals

For an unforgettable marine wildlife experience, Animal Ocean’s swimming with seals is a Cape Town activity must-do. Gazing nose-to-mask into the eyes of Cape Fur seals at Duiker Island in Hout Bay is an intimate encounter with these playful and inquisitive wild animals in their natural habitat.

Duiker Island is home to over 5,000 seals and is surrounded by shallow kelp forests; it is a treat to swim between the thick stems. Seal sightings are guaranteed and the island is both safe for snorkelling and free of sharks.

From Hout Bay harbour, a high-speed boat ride takes you out to Duiker Island where Animal Ocean’s knowledgeable guides share their seal expertise as well as their love for the ocean with you.

All snorkelling equipment is provided as well as hot chocolate and cookies after your swim. No diving experience is required but you should be a comfortable swimmer. Children over six are welcome.

Trips run from September to May and they are dependent on weather and ocean conditions.