If you’ve never heard of Zorbing - it’s the latest adrenalin activity that has swept the world.

Invented in New Zealand 15 years ago by the Aker brothers, who brought us Bungy Jumping, it involves a 3m transparent ball, containing a 2m inner capsule, separated by over 1000 nylon cords and a 500mm cushion of air, in which riders roll down a hill.

Imagine rolling down a hill strapped inside a huge transparent Zorb ball, screaming all the way…

Zorbing is great fun and a high-adrenaline, low-risk adventure activity suitable for all ages and fitness levels, including children, seniors and people with disabilities.

ZorbAfrica is the perfect solution for corporate functions, mini-conferences, team-buildings, school/camping trips, bachelor, hen and wedding parties.

We offer customised getaways incorporating Zorbing with zip-line rides, boat cruises, croc paddling, whale watching, birding, wine tasting and many other fun activities.

We offer two variations of Zorbing:

The HydraZorb

Two adults or up to 4 children (180kg max) climb inside along with a bucketful of water, which helps you slide around as you roll around down a 120m slope.

The experience is a combination of a rollercoaster ride, a washing machine and a water slide.  It is incredible fun, hilarious and exhilarating but also very safe.

You don’t go under the water, and it doesn’t make you feel sick at all.

The TerraZorb

In this ball two riders are strapped to the inner surface of the capsule by a 6-point safety harness and rolled down the hill. The ball rolls at 20-30km/h, but because you are going end-over-end on the surface of a sphere, it feels MUCH faster.

Add the bounciness of the ball, the g-forces and the disorientating feeling of moving in all directions at once, and it feels properly extreme and out of control, and is completely breath-taking.  But, because of the the fear factor, you don’t even have time to feel nauseous – you will just scream your lungs out all the way down and laugh uncontrollably when its over.

Transport and accommodation can be arranged on request. ZorbAfrica is available year-round for group bookings and open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from September to June. Viewing is free, booking is advised.

How Safe is Zorbing?

Despite how scary it might look, Zorbing is completely safe, maily becasue the balls are so tough and resilien.

In over 100,000 rides, the inventors never had a single person injured or had anyone throw up in the ball. There are stories out there, and many people worry about people vomiting in the Zorb, but as far as we can determine these are rare and isolated cases involving cowboy operators allowing people to ride when they are blind drunk, such as at beach resorts, festivals etc. The Inventors have 15 years experience of operating this activity and we are following their safety and operating protocols to the letter so that our operation is just as safe.

Remember, Zorb balls all look much the same, but they are as variable as cars:  there are Toyotas and there are Tatas (sorry Tata owners, but I’ll rather off-road in a Toyota thanks very much)  The point is - there’s some real rubbish out there, but we’ve worked very hard to make sure our equipment is the best available, for your safety and ours, so have now worries from that point of view.