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The sun sets, the fire crackles and the stars ignite the sky as you fall asleep to a cricket’s lullaby. It is...

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The sun sets, the fire crackles and the stars ignite the sky as you fall asleep to a cricket’s lullaby. It is...

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Orange River RaftingOrange River Rafting

The sun sets, the fire crackles and the stars ignite the sky as you fall asleep to a cricket’s lullaby. Our Orange River rafting adventure activity will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. The trips offered by our tour operators are renowned, as they take only small groups and only in areas that retain the wilderness vibe that makes an Orange River rafting trip so unique.

Join us on an unforgettable African canoeing adventure on the Orange River. We will pass through breathtaking arid Richtersveld scenery and enjoy fresh, scrumptious meals prepared by our guides. With the guidance of experienced and qualified staff you will enjoy a four-day/four-night adventure that is not easily matched. We will sleep on the river banks at night under the starlit African sky, with raging campfires providing additional light and warmth; and good company to share stories with.

You can fly or drive to Namibia and then drive to base camp where we will spend the first night getting to know the guides. The following morning we will rise early and pack our things in waterproof bags and into the ‘crocs’ (inflatable rubber canoes). After a brief lesson in paddling and steering the croc, as well as safety on the water, we will set out for our first day’s paddling. Depending on the time of year and the rains that the area has received, much of the paddling may be done on gently-flowing water. This does mean that you will have ample time to appreciate the magnificent mountain rock formations that the Orange River winds its way through.

The guides will prepare our meals on the banks of the river so you needn’t worry about starving or having to forfeit that first cup of coffee in the morning. These people know that a full day’s paddling can work up a hearty appetite so you can expect generous servings of delicious food at every meal. There is even the option of a mug of hot chocolate at bedtime for the perfect precursor to deep slumber.

You needn’t worry that your Orange River rafting adventure tour will be all gentle paddling though. When we hit those rapids you’ll be paddling for your life as you navigate your way through white water while dodging boulders and rocky outcrops. All too soon we’ve gone over the rapid and the river flows as gently as before. So we’ll find a sandbank and play a game of rounders or go exploring in the Namib Desert (don’t wander too far from camp). There is no shortage of the things to do and see on an Orange River rafting adventure.

To top it all the water is warm and the weather is naturally perfect all year round. A valid passport is a necessity, as you will need it when you enter and exit Namibia. Bring along lots of sunblock, sunglasses, a hat and your sense of humour as you are going to get sunburnt, wet and run the risk of having your croc overturn on the rapids. It’s all in the name of good fun though, and this trip comes highly recommended. We offer a memorable trip for young and old, so start planning your river rafting Orange River excursion today and make those memories.


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