Atlantis Sand Dunes

Atlantis Sand Dune AdventuresAtlantis Sand Dune Adventures

Atlantis Sand DunesAtlantis Sand Dunes

The Atlantis sand dunes just north west of Cape Town are only about a half an hour’s drive from the city centre.  The dunes are an important conservation area protecting the Atlantis Aquifer which supplies water for the Atlantis area, plenty of plant species and birds including the Black Harrier.  These Cape Town dunes are a great example how adventure tourism and conservation can work together to give an area that must be conserved extra value. 

Sandboarding trips are run successfully by many Cape Town based adventure operators on these dunes.  Strict regulations have been put in place to make sure all who use the dunes keep conservation in mind.  With the dunes being so close to Cape Town, sandboarding here has become extremely popular and is a great adventure for the whole family.  Teambuilding companies have also been using this outdoor activity for many of their corporate groups.  So go out and enjoy the Atlantis Dunes but always remember this is a sensitive area that we must respect so that we can all carry on enjoying sandboarding trips here for many years still.


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