Microlight Flights South Africa

Microlight Flying South AfricaMicrolight Flying South Africa

Aero Sport - Gyrocopter School

Aero Sport - Gyrocopter School - Cape Town

Ever dreamt of having wings? Aero Sport can fly you to a whole new adventure. Come and get a bird’s-eye view of Cape Town and experience the sights from a different perspective – from the of the...

Aero Sport - Microlight School

Aero Sport - Microlight School - Cape Town

Microlight airplanes have changed so that most people can now afford to enjoy this supreme sport. We are dedicated, patient and helpful and will look after your every need. See and experience things...

Comefly Microlights

Comefly Microlights - Durban & KwaZulu-Natal North Coast

You have dreamed of spreading your arms and flying? Drifting effortlessly through the sky, gazing down, around? Yes? Well, come and do it. No skills required, suitable for just about anyone. short...

Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings - Karoo

Always wanted to fly? Take to the sky with Eagle's Wings Flight School on a Karoo farm. Exhilarating microlighting in open cockpit aeroplane with experienced Grade A flight instructor. No other air...

Lambertsbaai Vliegklub

Lambertsbaai Vliegklub - West Coast

Experience the awesome sight of Lambert's Bay and surrounding areas from a microlight. Whale and dolphin watching and trips to neighbouring towns along the coastline at low level. Weather permitting...

Leading Edge Flight School

Leading Edge Flight School - Limpopo|Mpumalanga

Experience the view of the eagles. See the Hoedspruit area from above in a Bantam 2-seater aircraft, allowing a panoramic view of the African Bushveld. We offer flying safaris that range from a trip...

Microlight Adventures

Microlight Adventures - Gauteng

Microlight Adventures flight school is situated at the Petit Airfield – arguably the best airfield on the East Rand. The school comprises a variety of areas of expertise. One of these is training a...

Overberg Flying Club and School

Overberg Flying Club and School - Overberg

For a memorable venture into the skies come with us and see the Overberg from above. Lakes, mountains and sea with sightings at times of great white sharks, dolphins and whales. There is no to of...

Rotary Airforce South Africa

Rotary Airforce South Africa - Northern Cape

The RAF2000 is a sleek, well-designed, two place Gyroplane that boasts sought-after standard features such as side by side seating, removable doors, in-cabin heat, patented rotor Stabilator, full to...

Microlight FlyingMicrolight Flying

Microlight flying is a relatively New Age sport that allows you to soar through the skies as free as a bird. The microlight aircraft is small enough to be transported by car, but big enough to carry two people so you and a partner may enjoy the freedom that this adventurous activity provides.

Microlighting adventure tours is attracting a diverse mix of people, from experienced pilots to those individuals who have never flown before. There are numerous schools around the country where you can go for training, as well as hire equipment. A microlight is defined as being a non-foot launched aeroplane of which the empty mass does not exceed 150kg for a single seater and 175kg for a two-seater craft. Microlights have an exceptional safety record in South Africa, but nevertheless being fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required to handle the craft, as well as taking care when flying, is the best way to ensure a safe flight.

Microlights can generally cover a fair distance (from Pretoria to Nelspruit to give you an example), so you can enjoy literally hours of soaring the skies and taking in the breathtaking views. With schools and centres in Durbanville (Cape Town), Lamberts Bay, Oudtshoorn and Hermanus, you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views and possibly even migratory whales if the time of year is right. Training is also offered in the Kalahari so you can enjoy game watching from a different point of view, as well as in areas such as Natal, Hoedspruit, over the Drakensburg and beyond, all offering spectacular views.

During the 1970s and 80s many people sought an affordable way of flying. Aviation authorities set up definitions of lightweight, low-speed aircrafts that could be subject to minimum regulation. This resulted in the development of the microlight, although weight and speed limit varied from country to country. In the early years’ of microlight development safety records were dismal due to the fragile nature of the aircraft. As the design was improved upon, pilot error was shown to be the cause behind most microlight accidents. As a result, many countries require a microlight license or certificate, which is endorsed by pilot’s organisations. All of the microlight schools affiliated with Dirty Boots are registered and will have you flying microlight aircrafts in no time!


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