Sodwana Bay Scuba Diving

Sodwana Bay Scuba Diving Sodwana Bay Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Sodwana BayScuba Diving Sodwana Bay

I will never forget my first dive at Sodwana. Launching through the beach break was the first bit of excitement, then out to two mile reef where they started all first time scuba divers in those days. On the boat trip out we swam with a Whale Shark and dolphins. Then we rolled over backwards and I saw my first Raggy tooth shark within seconds of starting my scuba diving career, the rest of the dive was just as awesome with great corals and tropical fish. So, that to me is the image of Sodwana Bay diving to this day, maybe we were lucky but first impressions last.

Sodwana Bay divers have many reefs to choose from all the way up and down the coast so even when it is busy you can still find yourself alone with your group at a great diving spot. Above we list the dive operators based in Sodwana Bay we feel you should give first consideration too.


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